June 4 | 2019

The Vienna Strategy Summit

The Vienna Strategy Summit, hosted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business, offers a unique platform for strategic management and innovation. The aim of this state-of-the-art conference is to establish a link between strategic management theory and business practice. This strategy summit brings together experienced top managers, bright entrepreneurs, and internationally renowned researchers to examine current developments and discuss today’s challenges in the context of a rapidly changing, complex, and volatile business environment. The conference consists of a series of presentations and talks by top senior executives and eminent scholars. Every year, about 200 selected leaders attend this high-end platform to exchange thoughts and share opinions to develop sophisticated strategies for fostering growth and innovation.


Innovation strategies in Austria and Europe – “Company Europe”: How can the location be strengthened?

How does digitalization change our world?

Business Model Innovation – From changes in the business model to disruptive innovations

The effects of global change on energy and industry

Visionary Strategic Leadership

Mobility of tomorrow: Requirements, visions, and limits

Crossroads of Austria as a business location – economic and strategic challenges

Strategies for the 21st Century – Business Model Innovation

Populism trending: How can businesses and politics contribute to looking ahead positively again?


You can find a review of the Vienna Strategy Summit from previous years here.


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